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Your wedding day is a monumental occasion, a celebration of love and a gathering of family and friends to witness the start of your lifelong adventure together. Among all the meticulous planning and excitement, preparing for your wedding photography is crucial. With just one month left on the calendar, it’s the perfect time to finalize […]

One Month To Go: How to Perfectly Prepare for Your Wedding Photography

Ryan and Catherine’s Lionsgate wedding was nothing short of magical. With their artistic flair and warm personalities, they had a vision for their wedding that was unique and unforgettable. They chose the Lionsgate venue in Lafayette, Co for its beautiful mountain views and perfect location. The mood for the day was dark and moody, and […]

Dreamy & Moody Late Summer Wedding at Lionsgate in Lafayette, CO

LGBTQ+ wedding

Getting married is one of the most joyful milestones in life, but planning a wedding can be overwhelming and stressful. This is where a Wedding Coordinator comes in. As an experienced wedding photographer, I have worked with many coordinators throughout my career and I can say with confidence that their involvement is a game-changer for […]

Why Working with a Wedding Coordinator is a Game-Changer for Your Big Day

Congratulations on your engagement! From the excitement of picking out a ring to planning your wedding day, there are so many special moments to savor and remember. As a Colorado wedding photographer who specializes in documentary-style photography with an emphasis on emotional and candid photos, I’m here to offer my expertise and 6 tips to […]

6 Tips for a Successful Engagement Shoot with a Documentary-Style Colorado Wedding Photographer

Bridget Dorr Photography

It’s Pride Month! As a wedding photographer, Bridget Dorr dives head-first into every celebration. She has a unique talent for capturing moments that others may not see and allowing you to remember them forever. In addition to being a fun, easy-to-work-with wedding photographer, Bridget is proud to be inclusive every month of the year! She […]

The Importance of Being An Inclusive Wedding Photographer

Handmade ceramic art is a beautiful, simple way to bring an intimate touch to your wedding. Bridget Dorr Ceramics is passionate about providing the world with functional art in an ethical, sustainable way. Each and every piece is hand-crafted right here in Boulder, Colorado with love. Throughout this blog, Bridget will be sharing her favorite […]

How To Incorporate Handmade Ceramic Art Into Your Wedding

Summer 2024 Wedding Photographer

Summer is fast approaching here in Colorado! If you’re a newly engaged couple looking to book a wedding photographer for your Summer 2024 wedding, Bridget Dorr Photography is your best option. Today, Bridget will share some of her favorite locations right here in the Foothills to have your Summer photos captured. In addition, you will […]

Summer 2024 Wedding? Book Your Photographer!

Spring is a great time to have a photography session. Whether you’re planning an engagement shoot or want to capture memories with your family just because Bridget’s expertise can help. To get insight into the best places, poses, and tips, Bridget answered some frequently asked questions about Spring photography. Keep reading to learn more about […]

Spring Photography Inspiration & FAQs

Boulder, Co. What Makes Us Unique?

Boulder, Colorado has a rich history filled with art, music, and innovation. In the world of creatives like Bridget, there are few places as invigorating to call home. There was an attitude of moving forward with wellness that still holds up in Boulder communities today. This includes The University of Colorado Boulder which is said […]

Boulder, CO. What Makes Us Unique?

Slow Living is a movement that encourages one to enjoy life by slowing down and savoring every moment. More than just another wellness trend, Slow Living has helped millions around the world be in the moment, including Bridget! Today Bridget wanted to share her take on Slow Living, and her favorite products, practices, and tips! […]

Slow Living & Bridget’s Favorite Products