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Summer 2024 Wedding? Book Your Photographer!

Summer is fast approaching here in Colorado! If you’re a newly engaged couple looking to book a wedding photographer for your Summer 2024 wedding, Bridget Dorr Photography is your best option. Today, Bridget will share some of her favorite locations right here in the Foothills to have your Summer photos captured. In addition, you will learn why Bridget is the photographer for you and your Summer wedding plans! 

Bridget Dorr Photography

Why Bridget Dorr Photography?

Bridget Dorr has a knack for capturing those intimate moments you could miss if you blinked. Working with couples with different visions, Bridget loves to work with those who are adventurous and looking for something a bit less traditional and way more fun! According to Bridget: “Photography is a big investment. the photos from your big day are the only tangible memories you get to keep after the party ends. I take this job seriously and want to give you photos that capture everything about your event. you deserve photos that tell the story of your love and the community that loves and supports you.”

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When should I book my session?

Traditionally, couples should book their Wedding Photographer at least 12 months out. Bridget shares her thoughts: “The sooner, the better, that way we have plenty of time to meet, get to know each other, and get an engagement photoshoot scheduled.” Bridget is now booking for 2024 and beyond so be sure to get your session reserved before it’s too late! The Summer months are a very popular time to get married so be sure to have all of your venues and vendors booked at least a year in advance. Now’s the perfect time to reach out to Bridget and secure your Summer wedding date!

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The best places for photos in the Foothills

“The foothills of Boulder is where I call home, so, naturally I have found some gorgeous off-the-beaten-path spots that are perfect for golden hour photography. My ideal location isn’t very far off the trailhead but has incredible views. One of my go-to locations is the People’s Park in Boulder. It’s easy to access, has the most incredible red rock views, and is so fun to explore. Definitely a spot for the laid-back adventure seekers.”

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Bridget Dorr Photography

Now that my session is reserved, what’s next?

“Let’s chat! I’d love to meet in person for coffee, or perhaps a video chat if that works best for you. I’d love to get to know you both and find out what makes your love story unique. I think it’s super valuable to meet and work with your Wedding Photographer before your big day. Plus, having photos of you during this really sweet time in your relationship is priceless.” -Bridget

Working with Bridget you get an incredibly professional experience, all the while feeling laid back and fun. Her photos capture the adventurous and unique love you have for each other for you to cherish and enjoy for years to come. 

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Summer 2024 Wedding? Book Your Photographer!

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