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The Importance of Being An Inclusive Wedding Photographer

It’s Pride Month! As a wedding photographer, Bridget Dorr dives head-first into every celebration. She has a unique talent for capturing moments that others may not see and allowing you to remember them forever. In addition to being a fun, easy-to-work-with wedding photographer, Bridget is proud to be inclusive every month of the year! She believes in capturing love no matter the shape, size, or gender. Why is this important and what does this look like? Keep reading!

The Importance of Being An Inclusive Wedding Photographer

Weddings Celebrate Love

As we celebrate two people coming together, it is important to remember that weddings are ultimately surrounded by one thing: love. There are few things more sentimental than your wedding day and all of the festivities that lead up to it. It’s crucial to have a wedding team who celebrates your unique love and this includes your photographer! Bridget is committed to supporting LGBTQ+ couples who want to feel seen and celebrated. Every wedding comes with challenges, and feeling supported shouldn’t be one of them. With Bridget by your side, your big day will be filled with added joy and laughter. Plus, the photos will be stunning! 

Bridget states: “I believe in hiring an inclusive wedding photographer regardless if you identify as LGBTQ+, or not. Supporting all couples, at all stages should be a priority for every couple getting married. Show your support and make all your guests feel seen and supported!”

Getting married in 2024? Book Bridget as your wedding photographer

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What Does Inclusivity Mean?

Bridget shares her thoughts on inclusivity: “Inclusivity, of course, means supporting love and all couples and orientations. But, to me, this also means I photograph all kinds of people, regardless of their shape, size, and appearance. I believe in making all body types feel welcome at our photoshoot. All bodies are unique and beautiful and I love being able to capture a diverse group of people within my work. It’s also important that not all bodies photograph the same, it’s important to me to capture you in your best light when you are feeling the most radiant.”

 Bridget is passionate about capturing photos that radiate love from behind the lens. Whether you’re looking for a photographer to capture a bridal shower, brunch with your bridal party, an elopement, or a large wedding, Bridget is the professional for you! Inclusivity is an action that takes place not only during pride month but all year long. From couples who want to stay cozy and comfortable during their photo session to those who love to hike the Colorado mountains, Bridget’s style and expertise are for everyone!

Times You’ll Never Forget

From your wedding day to family photos, your celebrations should be filled with people you care about and memories you’ll cherish forever. With the help of Bridget behind the camera, sentimental moments will be captured without worry. Even if you’re unsure where to begin in regard to poses or photography inspiration, Bridget will be your guide every step of the way! Her expertise shines with fun couples. She will help you relax and embrace this new chapter of your life with a smile!

Bridget would be honored to photograph your wedding festivities and your big day! Reach out to learn more about her available packages!

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The Importance of Being An Inclusive Wedding Photographer

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