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6 Tips for a Successful Engagement Shoot with a Documentary-Style Colorado Wedding Photographer

Congratulations on your engagement! From the excitement of picking out a ring to planning your wedding day, there are so many special moments to savor and remember. As a Colorado wedding photographer who specializes in documentary-style photography with an emphasis on emotional and candid photos, I’m here to offer my expertise and 6 tips to help make your engagement shoot a success. By following these tips, we’ll be able to capture the magic and joy of this exciting time in your life.

Relax and Be Yourselves

If you’re nervous or self-conscious, that can come through in your photos. Remember staying true to yourselves and what feels natural to your personality is so important. I want to capture your love as it naturally exists, with soft suggestions for fun and playful poses. By staying true to yourselves, your personalities will really shine through in your photos. Wearing clothing that isn’t ‘you’ and doing poses that feel stiff and unnatural can take away from the authenticity of your photos. So, relax and be yourselves!

Think About Your Location

When choosing the location of your engagement shoot, consider places that are special to you both as a couple or places that have sentimental value. If there’s a place that’s particularly meaningful to you, let me know. I’m always excited to explore new locations and environments. Being on the front range for over 10 years, I have come across some really incredible spots that are easy to access. If hiking isn’t your thing, an at-home session could be really sweet, or maybe a farmers market adventure- the options are endless.

Coordinate Your Outfits

While you don’t have to match perfectly, coordinating your outfits can really make a difference in your photos. Think in terms of complimentary colors and similar styles. Clothing options that stick out from the environment are ideal. I also always suggest adding accessories to bring texture to the photos i.e.: hats, scarves, jewelry, etc. Wear something that feels special but nothing that feels too out of the ordinary for you. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to bring a change of clothes, just to add variety to your photos. It’s not a bad idea to bring a separate pair of shoes if we’ll be hiking in a bit, too. Remember the rule from above, if it isn’t something you feel comfortable in or natural- let’s try something more ‘you’.

Trust Your Photographer

As a documentary-style photographer, my job is to capture every sweet, candid moment. Trust me to capture your love as it unfolds during our photoshoot. Don’t be afraid to laugh, be silly, and enjoy the moment! Your photos will be a reflection of your story, so let’s make them count. I also give prompts to encourage this natural reaction between you two. A little guidance can go a long way and make the shoot feel fun and organic.

Timing is Everything

I often schedule engagement shoots during golden hour, which is the hour just before sunset. This time of day is when the light is soft and warm, creating a beautiful glow. Plan accordingly and allow plenty of time before sunset for your shoot.

Have Fun!

Your engagement shoot should be a fun and memorable experience. Enjoy the moment and savor this time in your lives. I’ll be there to capture every moment, from the quiet moments to the laugh-out-loud ones.

By following these 6 tips, we’ll be able to create beautiful, timeless photos that capture the essence of your love story. I’m excited to work with you and capture this special time in your lives. Remember to relax, be yourselves, and have fun. I can’t wait to see what we create together!





6 Tips for a Successful Engagement Shoot with a Documentary-Style Colorado Wedding Photographer

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