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Dreamy & Moody Late Summer Wedding at Lionsgate in Lafayette, CO

Ryan and Catherine’s Lionsgate wedding was nothing short of magical. With their artistic flair and warm personalities, they had a vision for their wedding that was unique and unforgettable. They chose the Lionsgate venue in Lafayette, Co for its beautiful mountain views and perfect location. The mood for the day was dark and moody, and filled with so much love and community. The day started with the couple getting ready together with their bridal parties, followed by a dreamy first look, a heart-warming ceremony, and finally, a hip reception. Join as we recount the story of this beautiful wedding.

The day began with the couple and their bridal party getting ready at the Lionsgate venue. With Catherine’s artistic eye, the bridal suite was decorated with whimsical floral arrangements, vintage decor, and a touch of bohemian flair. Ryan joined Catherine and the bridesmaids in getting ready, which created an atmosphere of togetherness and intimacy. Catherin’e vintage inspired wedding dress showed off her beautiful tatoos, which perfectly complemented the dark and moody vibe of the wedding.

After they were ready, Ryan and Catherine had their first look. The moment was enchanting and dreamy, with the scenery of Lionsgate venue adding to the magical atmosphere. The couple took this time to connect and be present for a moment before a busy and eventful day. The first look was one of the highlights of the day as we got plenty of time to be playful and really play into the documentary photography approach – it set the tone for the entire wedding.

Following the first look, it was time for the ceremony. The atmosphere was filled with warmth and sentimentality, with the wedding arch adorned with florals and drapes. The bride walked down the aisle, to the sound Bright Eye’s “First Day of My Life”, in a stunning wedding dress that was both elegant and bold. The ceremony was filled with poetry and personal vows, creating an emotional moment for everyone present. As the newlyweds exited the ceremony, guests threw dried lavender, which gave off a romantic scent.

The reception was marked by hipster-chic touches like a Polaroid photos and a food truck serving vegan ice cream. The reception was stunning. The tables were adorned with gorgous floral arrangements, black tappered candles. Guests enjoyed a delicious vegan meal for their main course- a detail that is so perfect for this consious couple. The dance floor was packed with guests enjoying the DJ’s playlist of indie tunes, and the newlyweds danced to their song under a sea of string lights.

Ryan and Catherine’s wedding was a true reflection of their artistic and warm personalities. The dark and moody vibe was not only unique but also created an enchanting atmosphere. Their choice of Lionsgate venue was perfect for a wedding that was both grand and intimate. The day was filled with dreamy moments like the first look, sentimentality like the ceremony, and fun like the reception, and all the elements together created a truly unforgettable celebration. It was clear that the couple’s love story and creative vision inspired everyone present on their special day





Dreamy & Moody Late Summer Wedding at Lionsgate in Lafayette, CO

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