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Ceramic Gifts Perfect For Valentine’s Day 2023

Valentine’s Day 2023 is just around the corner! Where can you buy trendy, sentimental Valentine’s Day gifts? If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your Valentine, Bridget’s handmade ceramic products are the perfect fit. Below is our comprehensive gift guide to unique, heartfelt, and beautiful gifts for Valentine’s Day 2023.

Organic Ceramic Lined Mug in Blush

This mug isn’t just the perfect, sweet color for Valentine’s Day, it’s handmade with love baked right in! This gift will remind your loved one of you when they drink their warm beverage. Even better, it’s cute enough to display and enjoy year-round!

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Ceramic Workshops

What better way to spend time with your Valentine than learning how to mold clay and create handmade ceramic art? In this 6 week course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of hand-building with clay. Rather than working with a potter’s wheel, participants will use the method of slab rolling and assembling to make functional wares. All tools and materials such as clay, glaze, and tools are included in the workshop cost.

Seasoned artists as well as beginners are welcome, and there are different dates to choose from!

Wednesday Morning Workshop:

Monday Night Workshop:

Speckled Blessing Bowl

Can you think of a better way to say “Be My Valentine?” This blessing bowl is made as a special dish for sentimental objects. A piece for creating special daily rituals and creating intention throughout the day.

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Custom Ring Dish

This custom ceramic ring dish is a simple, yet gorgeous addition to any jewelry organization collection. Personalization can include any letter, initials, short phrase, or date to make this gift extra special! With seven different finishes to choose from, there’s a color for everyone’s taste in design. Keep your loved one’s rings in a safe, memorable place.

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Gold Luster Honeycomb Dishes – Set of 3

These handmade ceramic dishes can add a touch of charm to any dining space. The unique shape supports a modern look and feel, and the gold accents add even more charm! Your Valentine will adore this gift set, and the fact that they’re handmade makes them that much more special. 

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Full Moon Wall Hanging

This minimalist full moon wall hanging can add a touch of hope anywhere it’s displayed. Give your Valentine a reminder that no matter where you are, you’re both looking at the same moon. This handmade piece is finished with a matte white glaze and held together by leather string and organic twine.

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Carved Ring Cone in White

Similar to the Custom Ring Dish, this carved ring cone can be used to display and store your Valentine’s rings! This unique piece shows the love that went into it from the handmade texture. A bright, matte white color, the finish will brighten up your jewelry collection! Your loved one will remember this gift every time they store their rings on this gorgeous ring cone. 

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Hexagon Dish in Peach

Love the shape of Bridget’s Honeycomb Dishes and the color of the Blush Mug? The gift for you is the Hexagon Dish in Blush! This handmade dish is finished with a light, iridescent peach glaze that reminds anyone of this lovely holiday. Perfect for trinkets, spices, or jewelry, your Valentine will find endless uses for this pretty-in-pink gift!

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Not sure what you’re looking for? Try a gift card to Bridget’s shop!

Bridget Dorr Ceramics has the perfect, modern Valentine’s Day Gifts for everyone in 2023! Each piece is lovingly handmade in Boulder, CO and shipped to wherever you are carefully and quickly. Let Bridget share her love of ceramic art with you and your Valentine! Get your Valentine’s Day gifts before time runs out!

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Ceramic Gifts Perfect For Valentine’s Day 2023

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