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You’re Engaged: Now What?

Now that you’re engaged, the real fun can start! There’s a laundry list of to-do’s and important tasks that go into planning your perfect wedding, but Bridget’s mission to make this process easier led her to break it down for you! Bridget is a Boulder, Colorado based slow-living enthusiast, potter, and photographer (travel is optional as well). She strives to capture all moments of your event – especially those small, meaningful details and moments! Here’s Bridget’s breakdown of what to do now you’re engaged. 

Bridget Dorr Photography

A Message From Bridget:

“Congratulations on your engagement! My approach to photography is natural and intimate. I suggest natural poses for couples on our shoot. If couples want more or less guidance, I’m happy to support that. My favorite backdrop is the mountains during golden hour where we can have fun adventuring around the hills while I suggest poses with the beautiful golden light peeking through my camera.

More from my portfolio here: 

My main goal is to make you both feel confident and comfortable. The more you feel like yourselves, the more natural and beautiful the photos will be!”

Bridget Dorr

Let’s plan an Engagement Shoot

Bridget is open for bookings and ready to capture your special moments! Don’t forget the engagement photo shoot! Choosing a space for an intimate shoot of you and your fiance is just the first step. Bridget can help coordinate locations, ideas, and poses to help you and your partner shine! The engagement shoot is a great way to capture this special time when you’re preparing for marriage. 

Planning Events

Now that you’re engaged, there’s a myriad of events to plan and moments to capture. Getting your guest list together for each can help start the planning process! Be sure to search for vendors and spaces early, including your photographer! Once the framework is complete you can pick the theme(s), create your registry, and find the perfect invitations! 

Pro Tip: Start with your projected wedding date and work backwards to set up the bridal shower, bachelorette, etc.!

Booking Vendors

Booking vendors for your engagement party, bridal shower, wedding, and after-party can be overwhelming at first, so here’s the essentials to check out first. 

  1. Bridal Shop Appointment(s)
  2. Catering Companies/Bakeries
  3. Photographers – our favorite part!

Having these vendors booked as soon as possible not only ensures your chosen date is available, but can help you form a working relationship with your wedding team. On your special day, all of these elements will come together like magic and create your happily ever after. 

Pro Tip: Look around for vendors that are within your budget, but also within your brand! Each one will add their special touch to your wedding planning. 

Wedding Photography Inspiration

The fun part is preparing for your day to be all about YOU and your future spouse! There’s no shortage of wedding photography inspiration online, so have fun looking through poses and making a list of must-haves for your big day! Having a list of desired poses can make your photography experience smoother, quicker, and best of all you can look just like your inspiration!

Pro Tip: Listen to your photographer’s suggestions! You may find that your perfect photo is something you never thought of doing.

Behind The Scenes Photos

Some of the best, most genuine photos are the candid ones. Your photographer will love having the chance to capture the bride getting ready, the groom preparing, and the family celebrating! Dancing pictures, first looks, and pictures with your pets will become some of your most cherished memories. 

Pro Tip: Similar to having a list of photo poses for your photographer, providing a list of all family members that you would like featured is a huge help! Make sure everyone you want is included in your memories. 

Happily Ever After

Now that you have some wedding preparation complete, it’s time to enjoy! Bridget would be honored to be a part of your wedding or elopement, and strives to capture those precious moments both posed and candid. As your family grows or has special events, Bridget also provides newborn, family, and ongoing photography packages! Having the same family photographer can ensure quality and consistency throughout your family photo album. Here’s to your happily ever after!

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You’re Engaged: Now What?

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