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Slow Living & Bridget’s Favorite Products

Slow Living is a movement that encourages one to enjoy life by slowing down and savoring every moment. More than just another wellness trend, Slow Living has helped millions around the world be in the moment, including Bridget! Today Bridget wanted to share her take on Slow Living, and her favorite products, practices, and tips! Learn how to live your best life slowly, peacefully, and intentionally from Bridget herself. 

Bridget Dorr Photography

Bridget’s Thoughts:

Handmade ceramics have always encouraged me to live a slower-paced life. My first time consciously drinking tea out of a handmade mug was an incredibly grounding experience for me. I could enjoy my tea while tuning into the hand-crafted mug. I noticed the minor imperfections in the glaze and the finger indentations of the artist. I was so present in the experience thinking about the artist who made the mug, which led me to think about the farmers who grew and picked the tea leaves. I enjoyed being tuned into this experience rather than thinking about what I had to get done that day.”

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Slow Living Tips

There are numerous ways to begin to live intentionally. The first expert tip that Bridget would like to share is in the name: Slowing down. Taking inventory of your surroundings and breathing them in is a fantastic way to live in the moment. Being intentional is where inner peace begins, and setting intentions for your day will not only help you feel hopeful, but feel better when you achieve your goals. 

Understanding your specific needs will help find the perfect Slow Living routine. Here’s a bit of Bridget’s experiences for inspiration!

Bridget Dorr Handmade Ceramics

A Day In The Life of A Slow Living Artist

“My favorite morning routine is waking up with the sun. First, I boil hot water for tea. While my tea is seeping I like to fill my diffusers with Rootfoot essential oils. I drink tea out of one of my mugs, or sometimes a friend’s mug before starting my day.”

Expert Tip: Use essential oils with the right benefit for you, such as Lavender for relaxation or Citrus for energy. 

“I love meeting friends for a one-on-one tea/coffee date at Süti & Co in Boulder. A small, Scandinavian cafe dedicated to the art of simple pleasures.”

Expert Tip: Becoming a regular at a local cafe like Süti & Co can give a welcoming sense of community and routine. 

“I enjoy taking baths or showers using local, hand-grown botanical skin care. My favorite at the moment is from Wild & Radiant. Margaret, the creator, grows her own medicinal flowers and herbs and makes the most luscious skin care. I love making time to take a long shower followed by my skincare routine using her Skincare Ritual Set.” 

Süti & Co

Expert Tip: Using local, hand-grown botanical skincare helps not only your skin, but the environment and small businesses as well!

“If I have the time, I like to take myself out for a date, or treat myself to a little something. My ideal would be to buy myself some flowers, even if just a few stems, from Fawn’s Leap Botanical Arts. She makes the most eloquent flower arrangements.”

Expert Tip: Fresh flowers can bring an aura of happiness to any living space. The colors, smells, and gorgeous arrangements will bring a smile to anyone’s face!

Fawn’s Leap Botanical Arts

If you’re interested in Slow Living and learning more about being intentional, why not treat yourself to one of Bridget’s Ceramic Workshops? These can be done in a pair or solo, with two different dates to choose from! 

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All of Bridget’s Slow Living tips, tricks, and experiences can be personalized to your unique needs. Be sure to stick around and follow Bridget’s blog!

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Slow Living & Bridget’s Favorite Products

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