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How To Incorporate Handmade Ceramic Art Into Your Wedding

Handmade ceramic art is a beautiful, simple way to bring an intimate touch to your wedding. Bridget Dorr Ceramics is passionate about providing the world with functional art in an ethical, sustainable way. Each and every piece is hand-crafted right here in Boulder, Colorado with love. Throughout this blog, Bridget will be sharing her favorite ways to incorporate handmade ceramic art throughout your special day and the festivities that surround it! 

Handmade Bridal Party Gifts

A crucial aspect of your wedding is the loved ones that are included. If you’ve been looking for a more intimate, personal way to show your bridal party that you care consider some pieces from Bridget’s collection. Pieces like her custom ring dish allow for initials, a date, or a short message to be engraved. Say “thank you” with a piece that will last a lifetime. Another beautiful option is Bridget’s ceramic mugs. With various colors and patterns available, every member of the wedding party can have their own unique memento. 

Bridget: “I love making customized pieces to be given as gifts. Gifting a small trinket dish for your bridal party and incorporating your custom wedding colors into the pieces is such a sweet way to thank your community during this really special time.”

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Ceramic Dinnerware For Your Ceremony or Wedding Registry

If you’re looking to elevate your rehearsal, bachelorette, or ceremony, consider dinnerware sets from Bridget’s collection. There are several colors, including custom wedding colors, to choose from and various finishes. The Honeycomb Ceramic Dish Set has luxurious gold details and with proper care, will last for years to come. This is another great way for you to not only impress your guests but remember your big day in simple ways. 

Bridget shares “It is becoming more and more common for couples to add custom dinner sets from handmade artists to their registry. I love connecting with couples to create their forever dinner set that they can add to their registry. It’s really exciting to start thinking about dinner parties you and your spouse will plan as a married couple, handmade dishes that tell a story is such an incredible way to mark this new chapter in your life.”

Sentimental Moments

Weddings, gatherings, parties, and elopements are full of small yet sentimental moments. Bridget’s handmade ceramic art is a unique party favor, a mother gift, or a way to simply say “You are important to us.” For those sentimental moments that words just can’t describe, Bridget’s pieces such as wall hangings and necklaces are a beautiful way to express your admiration. 

Now that Bridget has shared some ways that you can incorporate handmade ceramic art into your wedding festivities, hopefully, you’re feeling inspired! For more inspiration follow Bridget on Pinterest

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How To Incorporate Handmade Ceramic Art Into Your Wedding

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