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Spring Photography Inspiration & FAQs

Spring is a great time to have a photography session. Whether you’re planning an engagement shoot or want to capture memories with your family just because Bridget’s expertise can help. To get insight into the best places, poses, and tips, Bridget answered some frequently asked questions about Spring photography. Keep reading to learn more about Bridget and get some inspiration for your next photography session!

What Month Should I Take Spring Pictures?

Spring in Colorado can always be a surprise. Early spring is a great time to head to the mountains for some snowy mountain pictures. Down in the foothills is a great time to start getting a feeling for that warm & sunny spring weather.

March-April I am still booking snowy mountain shoots with clients. Which is a fun way to celebrate the beautiful snowy spring mountain caps.

May-June is a great time to book a spring shoot in the foothills. I recommend the meadows of Chautaqua Park when the Silver Lupines, Wild Irises, and  Sweet Peas start to bloom. It’s incredibly gorgeous. 

Bridget Dorr Photography

What Colors Should I Wear For Spring Pictures?

I always recommend wearing clothes you look and feel good in. Layers are always a great idea with Colorado weather being unpredictable. Layers are also a great way to bring texture to the photos. Nice pants, cute boots, and layered tops such as flannels, sweaters, etc. always come across really well. 

I always suggest accessories such as hats, scarves, and jewelry to have your personalities come across in the photos. Wearing colors that pop with the natural background is great. Stay away from browns and tans. Electric colors and sequences can make your photos stand out!

I’m always up for a quick outfit change on our shoot. This is a great idea for more diverse photos. If we plan on hiking around on the trails, bringing a spare pair of shoes is a good idea in case we come across some mud!

Bridget Dorr Photography

What Images Get People’s Attention?

I feel strongly about feeling comfortable and being authentic comes across the best in photos. As your Photographer, I think it’s important to build an honest relationship where we feel comfortable running around the mountains taking photos together. I suggest natural and playful poses that encourage fun, yet natural movements. I am always happy to provide more or less guidance to couples depending on their preferences.

Bridget Dorr Photography

Where Can I Find Inspiration For Photos, Themes, And Poses?

I love using Pinterest as a tool for photo inspiration. 

My Pinterest inspo:

Some of my tried and true engagement poses can be seen here:
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Spring Photography Inspiration & FAQs

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