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Bridget Dorr Ceramics Workshops

Bridget Dorr Ceramics Workshops are an experience that you will cherish. Making your own ceramic pieces in person is an incredible experience in slowing down, being creative, and bringing pieces of art that fit your unique style and aesthetic to life. In addition to learning from expert Bridget, workshops will leave all participants with a feeling of accomplishment. Do you want the opportunity to create pieces to keep or give to a friend that are meaningful and thoughtful? Here’s a quick rundown of Bridget’s Ceramic workshops and why you’ll love them as much as she does! 

Bridget Dorr Photography

All Levels Clay Workshop

Taking place on Wednesday mornings or Thursday evenings, this course is four weeks long and teaches the fundamentals of hand-building with clay. Working with clay gives an overwhelming feeling of mindfulness and relaxation. Perfect for beginners and seasoned crafters alike, participants will use the hand method of slab rolling and assembling. All tools are included in the cost, including clay, glaze, and other necessary equipment! The location is at The New Local at 741 Pearl Street. 

Level 2 Clay Hand-Building Workshop

Coming Winter 2023 on Wednesday mornings, this course is a bit more advanced than the All Levels Clay Workshop. The course takes place over six weeks of instruction and uses the method of slab rolling and assembling to make funcion wares. Projects are set to include dinner sets, serving dishes, and more sculptural pieces! All materials and tools are included in the cost of the workshop! This course is also located at The New Local at 741 Pearl Street. 

Bridget Dorr Photography

Hand-Building Clay Workshop for Two

This day-long workshop should be scheduled in advance, as there are limited spots for 2022! Students will get the chance to spend the day in Bridget Dorr’s studio and learn the basics of hand-building ceramics. Projects are set to include cups, mugs, and small decorative dishes. Lunch will also be provided, so be sure to let Bridgett know of any dietary restrictions. Have a unique date or bring a friend! Bridgett loves to show off her studio, and share her knowledge!

Bridget Dorr Photography

At Home Clay Workshop & Kit

Locals of Boulder, Colorado, Bridget is excited to offer this exclusive at-home workshop! Tools will be rented to you and must be returned upon dropping off your finished pieces. Included in this kit is a one hour video tutorial hosted by Bridget hearself, 6 pounds of clay, and all materials needed! Firing and glazing costs are included in the price so you can have hand-made ceramic art at your fingertips! 

At Home Clay Workshop -Video Only

If you’re not a local, worry not! Bridget Dorr Ceramics also offers a virtual workshop for anywhere in the world. This is a video only, so no tools are provided – be sure to get everything you need beforehand for a complete experience! Learn from an expert in hand-building clay from the comfort of your own home. 

Bridget Dorr Photography

All of Bridget Dorr Ceramic’s Workshops are available for purchase on her website. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out her gorgeous photography and ceramic products for sale!

Stick around the blog for more information on ceramic art, photography, and so much more!

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Bridget Dorr Ceramics Workshops

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